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Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Earphones

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Xiaomi Sports Bluetooth Earphones

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Hypoallergenic property

The earbuds feature a sweat and wear resistant exterior to increase its durability. Its special silicone coating over the audio cable makes its smooth and comfortable to touch.

Adjustable ear hook design

Fit and secure 

Secure and balanced design

Allows you to control your music and calls directly from the earbuds.

MEMS microphone

The MEMS microphone delivers great voice quality and minimal noise interference even it is located far from your mouth without sacrificing compactibility.

Ultra lightweight

Fits comfortably in your ears

Aluminum metal structure

Feels as good as it looks

Clear and authentic acoustics

Listen to a full spectrum of sound as the independent sound chamber separates the front  and rear sounds to deliver detailed sound with enhanced clarity across frequencies while isolating other noises so you can listen to every note without distraction.


Bluetooth Version:
Bluetooth 4.0

Connection Range:
Up to 10m

Noise Sensitivity:

Noise Reduction:
Active Noise Cancelling


Charging Time:
1.5 hour

Operating Time:
up to 7 hours playback

Control Type:
Button Control

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