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Mi 5-Piece Grooming Kit

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Mi 5-Piece Grooming Kit

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Magnetic Storage Design

The Mi 5-Piece Manicure Set is designed with an innovative magnetic storage with bayonet slots that secures the tools safely and prevents it from falling off.

Simple and Compact

With a net weight of only 104g, the Mi 5-Piece Manicure set is versatile and travel-friendly as it can fit into your small bag and pockets easily.

Flat mouth nail clipper

The micro-curved edge is equipped with a 0.02mm staggered cutting edge that's sharp and durable. It can cut copper sheets 2,000 times without the edges curling and chipping off, which is 4x the industry standard.

Sharp angled mouth nail clipper

The finely polished blade that's smooth and sharp can penetrate into the unreachable areas such as nail edges and gaps and can be used to trim burrs, dead skin and cuticles.

Double-edged beauty scissors

The double-edged beauty scissors offers simple and clean trimming, meeting a variety of facial needs like eyebrow trimming, nose hair removal and even cutting of dead skin.

Round-edged ear pick

The curved design of the ear pick can clean the ear canal more accurately and thoroughly. It is finely polished into safer rounded edges that's comfortable and easy to clean.

Nail file

The nail file is equipped with fine and even dotted pattern that's very convenient for fine grinding that gives you an easy and smooth feel without damaging your nail.


420 Stainless Steel Nail Clipper
ABS Plastic Shell


1 x Nail Clipper
1 x Flat Mouth Nail Clipper
1 x Nail File (430 stainless)
1 x Ear Pick
1 x Beauty Scissor


Ear Pick (89.7x 5x 2.9mm)
Nail file (59.1x 11.6x 1.2mm)
Angled nail clipper (60.9x11X11.8mm)
Flat mouth nail clippers (58.4x11x11.8mm)
Beauty scissors (91.9x 46.5x 3.4mm)
Storage Box (104x65x17.3mm)