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iGrow Shell Chair 7 Pro

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iGrow Shell Chair 7 Pro

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Pull to adjust seat depth with a single hand

Pull the hidden handle under the seat to adjust the seat depth from 0-6cm conveniently.

Soft, Highly Elastic and Pressure Relieving Sponge

The seat cushion is designed according to the curves of children's hips which will fit comfortably to the saddle shaped design. The inner portion is made of highly elastic, pressure relieving sponge that has a higher responsiveness and breathability. The cover on the other hand is made of waterproof, oil-proof and stain-proof knitted fabric that has a soft and delicate texture.

Crescent Shaped Base

The large crescent shaped base is designed with an enhanced PA material and an integrated design to reduce risk of rollover crashes. It is also equipped with a smart self-braking casters that can recognize human body weight to protect and safeguard your children. Simply sit down to lock the casters and stand up to unlock.

Comfortable Foot Rest

Designed for kids to avoid hanging legs

Self-Braking Caster Lock

Designed for children's safety


Back Rest Size (W x H):
41 x 42 cm

Chair Size (L x W):

44 x 44 cm

Adjustable Height:

Up to 102 cm*
*including back support


Up to 100kg


Movable Back Rest – High Elastic Sponge
Seat Cushion -  High Elastic Sponge
Chair – Carbon Stainless Steel


Yes / Lock Wheel

Dimension (L x W x H):

54 x 54 x 102 cm