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Xiaomi Scooter Seat

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Xiaomi Scooter Seat

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For a more comfortable riding experience

Strong and durable, the Mi Scooter Seat is specially designed for and attachable to the Mi Electric Scooter.

Easy installation

The Mi Scooter seat can be easily installed to the Mi Electric Scooter without having to drill holes.

The Mi Scooter Seat is foldable and adjustable which is very convenient to bring about even in your travels.

  • Multi-shock absorption
  • Adjustable height

High quality cushion

The Mi Scooter Seat is designed with soft and highly elastic foam sponge. It has undergone a molding process that makes the surface smoother and a leather coating process that can effectively prevent aging reaction caused by friction.


High elastic foam
vacuum blister

Adjustable Height:

510 – 630 mm

Seat Size:

220 x 270 x 680mm




2.5 kg