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Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10

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Mi Vacuum Cleaner G10

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With a newly upgraded motor, you can experience an unprecedented vacuuming experience with high speed and great performance.

High-definition TFT color display

Easily view your cleaning status and information such as cleaning mode, battery power, and more with the newly-upgraded visual operating system for excellent visuals and control.

Continuous mode

With the continuous function of the newly-added screen, you won't need to constantly press the button for it to function. It can run on its own after gently pressing the lock button. 

Anti-tangle design

Say goodbye to hair tangling in the roller. The solid ribs of the V-shaped roller brush reduces the winding of hair and gathers the hair sticking to the surface of the top to the middle suction.

Intelligent high torque floor brush

The smart floor brush automatically recognizes different floorings and adjusts the gear position accordingly. This reduces additional power consumption caused by the machine constantly being in a strong gear and reduces long-term damages.

Synchronous mopping and vacuuming

Mop and vacuum the floor simultaneously in just one step for more effective and convenient cleaning.

Large capacity high-quality batteries

Easily and efficiently handle large areas for up to 65 minutes with the high battery power of the 3000mAh.

Mini electric brush

Remove hair, dander and fur on your bed, and clean the deep fiber layer of the mattress with the mini electric brush.


Suction + Sweep

Suction Power:
250,000Pa (150 air watts)


600ml Dust Bin




Up to 65mins under ECO MODE. Up to 3.5 Hours charging



Input Voltage:


Other Features:

HEPA Filter - PM 0.3 dust and mite removal (washable)
Real time TFT Screen
4 multi-functional brush head
125k RPM Machine