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Mi Walking Pad R1

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Mi Walking Pad R1

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Slim & Minimalist

The Mi Walking Pad R1 is space-saver training equipment as it has a 180° folding platform design that's easy to store and reduces occupied spaces at home at the same time.

Convenient storage design

The Mi Walking Pad R1 is easy and convenient to store as it's equipped with foldable armrests and movable rollers to easily transfer & carry it to its storage location.

Stable & Durable

The Mi Walking Pad R1 has overall stability and durability as it uses a one-piece aluminum alloy material in its skeleton structure.

Designed with pressure sensor

The Mi Walking Pad R1 allows you to adjust your training speed* real-time without pressing any buttons as it's equipped with a pressure sensor at the bottom to monitor the user's speed preference.

*Pressure sensor is only supported in walking mode.

Exquisite remote control

The Mi Walking Pad R1 is equipped with a remote control that has a soft lanyard for safe handling and a perfect remote shape for a more comfortable hand-feel.

Controllable via KS Fit App

The Mi Walking Pad R1 is KS Fit App controllable. Perform functional operations like start, stop, switch modes, accelerate, and decelerate functions.


Up to 110kg

Applicable Age:

12-60 years old

0.5km/hr. (Beginners) up to 10km/hr (running)
Up to 6km/hr (walking)

Standby Manual Automatic Kids Mode

Remote Control (CR2032 last up to 6 months)
Foot Control

Motor Type:
Brushless Motor ( More Quiet )

Noise Reduction:


Dimensions (L x W x H):
1500 × 720 × 900mm (expanded)
980 × 720 × 155mm (folded)

Rated Power / Rated Voltage:
100-220V 918W


Global Version (GL)
Chinese Version (CN)

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