Mi Power Strip

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Mi Power Strip

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Tin Phosphor Bronze

High quality tin phosphor bronze was used as an internal structure as it is equipped with high elasticity and strong electrical conductivity.

Triple Safety Protection

  • When the load exceeds its normal capacity, the device will automatically cut off the power supply to avoid accidental fire. After troubleshooting, press the switch to resume normal usage.
  • The high flame retardant standard effectively prevents fire hazards by using high quality PC material with flame retardant composition. Highest temperature of 750° C was attained in the flame retardant test, which is within the national standard.
  • To prevent accidental shocks, independent safety doors were added to each pair of socket . A single span of 75N (15kg) or more effort will be needed in order to open the doors.

Non-slip Pads 

The Mi Power Strip is equipped with anti-skid pads to make the device more stable that can be placed on any flat surface.

Hidden LED Indicator

Subtle white LED light was used as power indicator to prevent the light from irritating the eyes especially at night.Unlike the red light being used in the usual power strips, the soft white light has a more comfortable feel.

Novel Plug design

For a neater and tidier look

Pencil Case Sized Power Strip

Small and portable power strip that you can easily bring in your business trips as it does not take up much luggage space.

Injection Molding Process

A one-time non-mark injection molding was used to get the delicate and concise appearance. Different processes were used in creating the top and side portion of the Mi Power Strip. Grind frosting processing can prevent the top portion from heavy scratches, while the side mirror polishing was used for a more cohesive overall look.


Intl. Plug x 3 (AU,EU,US,CN)


USB x 3 (5V2A fast charging)

Power Switch:

Toggle Switch with LED Indicator


750 degree C Resistance
Power Surge Protection

Single USB Max Output:




Rated Current:


Rated Power:

2500W MAX

Cable Length:

1.8 meters