1. Xiaomistoreph.com has the right to cancel any orders received for the following reasons:
a. Force majeure or act of nature, including calamity or bad weather condition, and strikes.
b. Circumstances beyond the control of the merchant including out of stock, system error, item
    detail dispute, incorrect image, wrong promotion and wrong pricing among others.
c. In the event of system error, order/s may be cancelled automatically.
    From which payment will be refunded within 5-14 working days.
d. Non-compliance to order requirements.

    Should your order be cancelled for whatever reason, you will be duly notified via e-mail by our mistoreph.com representative.

    A xiaomistoreph.com representative will facilitate a full refund of any payments made to xiaomistoreph.com.

    In case of dispute, the company's decision will prevail. All purchases are subject to the terms and conditions of Grimalkin Corporation.

    1. In order to cancel your order, please send us an email at online.sales@xiaomistoreph.com. All cancellations are conditional upon xiaomistoreph.com’s accepted reasons for order cancellation.

    You will receive a confirmation from xiaomistoreph.com once your order has been successfully cancelled. All delivery fees incurred on the transaction shall not be refundable.

    1. Xiaomistoreph.com may stop any products in transit, suspend further deliveries to the customer and/or terminate the customer contract with immediate effect by written notice to the customer if/when the product becomes unavailable for any reason.


    All refunds shall be made through the original payment mechanism to the person who made the original payment. Handling and shipping fees incurred on the transaction will be deducted from the refund.

    Xiaomistoreph.com offers no guarantee on the timeliness of the refunds. The processing of payment may take time depending on the guidelines provided by the respective banks and/or payment provider’s internal processing guidelines. All refunds are conditional upon xiaomistoreph.com’s acceptance of a valid return of the item.

    Xiaomistoreph.com reserves the right to modify the mechanism of processing refunds at any time without notice. Xiaomistoreph.com will not provide refund for certain goods which by nature cannot be returned.  Such goods include items which cannot be resold for health and hygiene reasons once opened. (i.e. Mi Drying Hair Cap, Mi Nail Clipper, personal grooming tools, and etc.).