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Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet

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Xiaomi LCD Writing Tablet

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Customized LCD film formula

Mi LCD Writing Tablet adapts a customized liquid crystal film formula to achieve blue-green handwriting with a clear and eye-catching display. The Mi LCD Writing Tablet gives a writing experience similar to writing on traditional paper.

One button to clear the screen for low energy consumption and a longer lasting battery life.

A zero-power LCD screen consumes only the smallest amount of power when screen is cleared. Clear the screen with a press of a button to start a new creation.

Unique pen body design for a more comfortable grip

The runway-type pen body design can be easily held with both hands. With a light body weighing for only 7g, you can write longer without easily getting tired.

Ultra-thin body, Easy to carry

Designed with a 7mm slim body, the Mi LCD Writing Tablet is light and portable that’s convenient to travel with.

Ideal for office discussions and meetings

Promotes a more convenient way of communication for group discussions. Sketch, write, and brainstorm anytime and anywhere.

Lock Button

One click lock to prevent loss of content

Battery Compartment

Battery storage with safety buckle for a more secured placement

ABS Thick Shell

Comfortable and durable




LCD Liquid Film


345g (13.5”
195g (10”)


1 x CR2025