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Mijia Faucet Water Purifier

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Mijia Faucet Water Purifier

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Rated Flow Rate:

Filtration Accuracy:
0.1 micrometer

Carbon Absorption:
≥ 1000mg/g

Working Pressure:
0.1 - 0.4 Mpa

Filter Material:
Ultrafiltration membrane + Activated carbon

Core Filter Material:
Ultrafiltration membrane

Filters Out:
Sand and Rust
Residual Chlorine
Bacteria and Organic Matter

Special Features:
Retains mineral ions
4-layer filtration
3 water outlet methods (Clean, Shower, Raw)
Transparent Filter Element Observation Window
3-step installation

Layer Filtration:
1. Stianless Steel Filter - fitlers out larger suspended solids such as sediments
2. Non-woven filtration - filters out small particles such as rust and floating objects
3. Granular Activated Carbon - filters out colloids and other pollutants
4. Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane - filters out bacteria and retains beneficial substances

145 x 54 x 71 mm