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Mi AIoT Router AC2350

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Mi AIoT Router AC2350

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Unlock the full potential of your home network with the Mi AIoT Router AC2350. Its advanced features, including AIoT connectivity, ensure a seamless and secure internet experience. Maximize your productivity and entertainment with this professional-grade router.

Experience wireless connection speed of up to 2183 Mbps

Watch smoother HD online videos or play large-scale online games with the Mi AIoT Router AC2350 as it has a dual-band concurrent wireless connection that can reach up to 2183 Mbps*. The device is equipped with 2.4GHz band that supports 3 input, 3 output and has a theoretical rate of up to 450 Mbps for a better transmission distance and through wall penetration. The 5GHz band on the other hand supports 4 input, 4 output and a theoretical rate of up to 1733 Mbps or higher.

Qualcomm chip 

The Mi AIoT Router AC2350 gives you a stronger processing capacity and a more stable operation as it's equipped with a Qualcomm CPU that supports gigabit ethernet port and gigabit dual-band Wi-Fi data forwarding. 

Equipped with 7 independent high-performance signal amplifiers

The Mi AIot Router AC2350 has a stronger through wall penetration and covers larger units as it has 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency band and signal amplifiers (PA & LNA) that enhances signal transmission and improves the signal reception sensitivity.

Independent AIoT Smart Antenna

The Mi AIoT Router AC2350 is equipped with AIoT smart antenna that recognizes nearby Xiaomi Smart Devices* instantly via the Mi Home App.

128MB large memory

The Mi AIoT Router AC2350 is designed with a 128MB memory capacity that can support up to 128 connected devices* and ensures stable data transmission and connection.

Equipped with MU-MIMO technology for a better and smoother connection

Multi-user multiple-input and multiple-output (MU-MIMO) technology* makes the internet connection smoother and seamless as it allows multiple antennas of the router to serve a number of devices at the same time, while doing simultaneous transmission of data without slowing down the response rate.

A router that's smart and easy to use

The Mi AIoT Router AC2350 is easy to set up and lets you enjoy practical features such as device management, anti-rubbing network, internet control, and etc. 

Powerful heat dissipation to ensure a long-term stable operation

The Mi AIoT Router AC2350 is designed with large-area aluminum alloy heat sinks and high-thermal conductivity adhesives that effectively increase the heat dissipation efficiency of the router. It also has cooling cover holes which provides better air circulation for a more reliable long-duration usage.

Thoroughly tested for excellent performance & quality

In cooperation with Spirent and Ixia, the Mi AIoT Router AC2350 was tested in various home scenarios and extreme conditions to ensure stable operation.


Wi-Fi Version

Wi-Fi Range

Up to 50M diameter

Wi-Fi Frequency

Dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Transmission Rate
Up to 2.1Gbps

Connected Devices
Up to 128 devices

MI Wi-Fi

Power Consumption:
100 - 240V