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Mi Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner Filter

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Mi Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner Filter

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Guarantees a cleaner surrounding

The HEPA filter successfully absorbs small harmful particles such as dusts, mites and other particles.

Delicately built

The Mi Dust Mite Vacuum Filter guarantees a maximum absorption as its special filter material and absorption grade went through a thorough and delicate selection process.

Powerful and efficient filtration

The Mi Dust Mite Vacuum Filter fastly absorbs small particles with 0.3mm diameter and is equipped with 360° efficient filtration that prevents larger particles to go inside the machine.

Important guidelines for the Mi Dustmite Vacuum Filter:

1. Make sure that its power supply is not connected or turned off before you take out the filter for cleaning.

2. Use a small brush to clean. Try to avoid using water when cleaning. If water was used, make sure that it is completely dry before returning it to its place.

3. Make sure that you have properly installed the filter before turning the machine on to avoid damaging the vacuum.

4. A normal HEPA Filter has a 30-hour life span. Regular changing of filter is recommended to ensure usage effectivity.


550ml Dust bin  + 200 ml water tank

HEPA Filter:


Cleaning Method:

Can be cleaned using brush / dry rug
Not recommended for washing / soaking