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Enchen Hair Clipper

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Enchen Hair Clipper

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One button lock

The Mi Electric Hair Trimmer features a slider type comb that locks haircut lengths from 0.7 to 21mm and supports one-button adjustment for easy operations.

Nano Ceramic Cutter Head Fast, smooth and ultra-low noise

The nano-ceramics is 1.6 times harder and smoother than ordinary stainless steel, which is why even at high speed, the Mi Electric Hair Trimmer won't generate as much noise and heat.

Long-lasting battery

The Mi Electric Hair Trimmer supports fast charging which can fully charge the device in 1.5 hours. With an hour of fast charging, the device can actually be used for more than 80 minutes in full power.

Rounded R-Type Corner

The comb and edges of the cutter head are equipped with a rounded design to ensure safety and comfort during cutting of hair. The cutter head consists of movable and static knives which can effectively cut hair in any angle.

Type-C USB Interface

To charge the Mi Electric Hair Trimmer, simply plug in the Type-C USB cable to any device that can supply power like USB sockets or even laptops.


Shaving process

R Shaped Rounded Corner Cutters
Slider-type positioning comb
5800rpm motor
55dB noise operation

Rated Power


Rated Voltage



Type C Charging

Charging Time

120 minutes

Working Time

90 minutes