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Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock

₱10,999.00 ₱18,999.00 saving ₱8,000.00
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Xiaomi Automatic Smart Door Lock

₱10,999.00 ₱18,999.00 saving ₱8,000.00
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Unlocking Methods:
Up to 50 fingerprints unlock
Up to 20-digit Password,
Temporary Code
Phone Bluetooth 5.0
Up to NFC Card
App Homekit Unlock,
Mechanical Key

Security Features:
5 major malfunction alarms
Open door with dual sensor
Key cylinder with higher safety level
Lock body safety upgrade
Armed with one touch when you leave your home
Little Black Box-proof*
Xiaomi Home and Apple dual security chip
Electronic double lock
Emergency unlock
Child lock design

Xiaomi Home / Homekit

Fingerprint Features:
Up to 100,000 fingerprint click
Up to 100,000 times (open and close)

Door Thickness: 40 - 120 mm
Door Seam: 1.5 - 8 mm
Width Area of Lock Panel: not less than 120 mm
Inner and Outer Door Distance: not less than 160 mm

Special features:

  • Fast automatic lock body - within 0.8 seconds after closing the door
  • Multidimensional semiconductor fingerprintiStraight lock cylinder* - High industry standards, secure and unbreakable
  • 6 security monitoring - real-time monitoring of door lock status and timely alarm in case of abnormality
  • 10 Safety Features - Allround safety features: Little Black Box-proof and electronic double lock
  • Multi-scenario smart link* - Lights turn on when the door opens and the door is armed with one touch when closed
  • Integrated smart doorbell - It's a door lock and a doorbell, with remote notification of visitors


  • it cannot be installed with special doors (iron doors, grated doors, double lock doors, glass anti-theft doors, anti-theft door locks, hidden locks).
  • Fingerprint sensor supports 7 up to 70 years old.
  • The 12-month ultra-long battery life was measured with 8 AA original batteries, by simulating opening and closing the door at a rate of 10 times per day.

8 x AA battery (last up to 12 months)
Type-C (emergency)

386 x 76 x 21 mm (front panel):
386 x 76 x 24 mm (back panel)

2.2 kg