Mi Robot Vacuum

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Mi Robot Vacuum

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Intelligent Path Planning

The Mi Robot Vacuum is highly intelligent home cleaning device that is equipped with 12 different sensors.

Planned path

The robot can clean with two different modes; the edge and zigzag cleaning modes. With this well planned path, the device can pass through the obstacles thoroughly and efficiently.

10mm edge cleaning

With the wall sensor, the robot maintains a 10mm distance from the walls for the side brush to effectively clean the edges.

Reliable Cleaning

As soon as the device has reached 80% of its battery life, it will automatically get on with the unfinished area immediately.

Powerful and Sturdy

For smoother cleaning, the robot uses a powerful Nidec brushless DC motor that delivers up to 1800Pa air pressure. The main hover brush automatically adjusts the height to create a tight seal with the floor for thorough dirt pick-up on uneven surface.


  • Function: Suction, Sweep 
  • Suction Rate: 1800Pa
  • Path Planning: LDS (Lidar sensor) (Laser Navigation System)
  • Storage: 420ml Dust bin
  • Noise level: 120dB
  • Application Compatibility: Mi Home
  • Voice Assistant: n/a
  • Battery:  5200mAh / Self Charging, can clean up to 120sqm in 150 minutes
  • Power: 55W, 110-240V
  • Other features: 2cm obstacle climbing, 2mm Rubber Bumper, 360 degrees LDS pressure sensor, 4 anti-drop stair sensor,10mm laser edge sensor
  • Dimensions: 345 x 345 x 96 mm