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Xiaomi Router 4A Giga Version

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Xiaomi Router 4A Giga Version

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Double Heat Dissipation Chip

Designed with a double heat dissipation chip, the Mi Router 4A Giga Version uses heat conductive adhesive and has holes at the bottom portion of the device to adapt to any environment and effectively improve the dissipation rate.

Fiber-level Gigabit

The Mi Router 4A Giga Version is designed with a gigabit WAN port and two gigabit LAN port that supports 100Mbps + broadband connection.

High-Performance Antennas

The Mi Router 4A Giga Version is equipped with a 4 external high-gain antennas that offers an increased operating range and stronger signal.

Equipped with an Integrated Signal Amplifier for a strong and wide coverage

Designed with PA (Power Amplifier) and LNA (Low Noise Amplifier), the Mi Router 4A Giga Version enhances the signal transmission power and sensitivity, offering a longer transmission distance and coverage.

Dual Frequency - Up to 1167 Mbps

Equipped with a dual frequency 2.4GHz and 5GHz that works well together and offers up to 1167Mbps connection.

Dual Core CPU, Faster and Smarter

Equipped with dual core processor, main frequency reaches up to 880MHz, supporting the Wi-Fi data of gigabit network and gigabit dual frequency to be forwarded.

Dual frequency in one Wi-Fi connection

The 2.4GHz offers transmission over greater distances with better coverage and penetration through walls while the 5GHz offers less interference and faster speed for a smoother gaming or streaming experience.


Wi-Fi Range
Up to 50M diameter

Wi-Fi Frequency

Dual 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Transmission Rate
up to 1.1gbps

Connected Devices
Up to 128 devices

MI Wi-Fi

Power Consumption:
100 - 240V