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Mi Smart Microwave Oven

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Mi Smart Microwave Oven

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Built-in Wi-Fi module

The device can be controlled via voice commands where you can activate child lock remotely or even ask for the remaining heating time.

700 W Firepower

Toshiba magnetron | Quick start | Equipped with a microwave expander Improved food heating efficiency

30+ featured recipes

Connect to the Smart App to choose from more expanded recipes and make use of the one-click cooking feature. Microwave heating provides an efficient cooking experience without having to deal with oil fumes that comes from traditional cooking.

7 layers of heavy protection

The complex structure of the Mi Smart Microwave Oven is designed with walls that keeps the microwaves bouncing inside its cavity with no external emission, keeping the user safe from any harmful waves.



Up to 20 Liters

Heating Method:
Flat Panel Heating

Controlling Mode:

Mechanical Knob

MI Home

Voice Control:
Xiao AI

Power consumptions:

Power Voltage:

Dimensions (L x W x H):
447 x 347 x 281mm

10.8 kg