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Xiaomi Smart Plug (Wi-Fi)

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Xiaomi Smart Plug (Wi-Fi)

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Control your home appliances anytime and anywhere

The Mi Smart Plug allows you to turn on / off your lights or any other appliance remotely.

Monitor your appliances

The Mi Smart Plug eases your worries about leaving the switches on at home. With the Mi Home App, you can monitor your appliances at any given time and switch off your lights and appliances to reduce electricity consumption.

Monitor your power usage with the smart timer function

The timer function allows you to set appliances to switch on or off at specific times. You can set your humidifier to automatically switch off as you leave for work and switch back on 30 minutes before you get home.

Compact design

The compact design of the Mi Smart Plug allows you to connect multiple plugs side-by-side, enabling smart control for more appliances.

3-layer safety mechanism

The housing of the Mi Smart Plug is heat resistant up to 1,382°F while the interior components are wave soldered for additional safety. A built-in sensor monitors the internal temperature and sends notifications to the Mi Home App as the temperature increases. The power supply then will be automatically cut off if the temperature exceeds the safety level.

Specifications: US VERSION

Type A/B


110-220V (Auto-Volt)

Google assistant
Mi Home App


Wi-Fi a/b/g/n
Supported Devices:
38 x 38 x 66 mm