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Xiaomi Smart Scale 2

₱809.00 ₱899.00 saving ₱90.00
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Xiaomi Smart Scale 2

₱809.00 ₱899.00 saving ₱90.00
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High-precision manganese steel sensor 

High cast manganese steel sensor to accurately sense subtle body weight changes of up to 50g. Every meal you eat, every glass of water you drink can be easily quantified.

Mi Fit App

The app monitors data, body changes record and transformation process. Weight records will automatically be uploaded to the cloud of the application with unlimited storage.

Build up to a healthier lifestyle

Mi Smart Scale 2 is equipped with 3 precise data points that can calculate body weight, BMI and body type.

Body Balance Test

The ability to balance is one of the basic movement one must posses. Stand on the scale with one leg and eyes closed to test one’s balance.

Dual Weighing Modes

Aside from weighing in dynamic mode, Mi Smart Scale 2 can also measure the weight of vegetables, fruits, express packages and other items in static mode.


Mi Fit

Weight range:

Units: Catties, kilograms, pounds (Switchable)

Bluetooth 5.0

ABS / Tempered Glass

3 x AAA

Battery Lifespan
Up to 12 months

1.2 kg