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Xiaomi Automatic Water Pump

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Xiaomi Automatic Water Pump

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Compatible with a variety of water bucket sizes.

A compatible and multi-purpose design that will fit into different bucket sizes. This way, secondary pollution caused by transferring from multiple containers can be avoided.

Real-time water quality testing

The Mi Smart Water Pump is equipped with real time water tester to classify the three levels of water purity for a more conscious and healthier lifestyle.

Food Grade Material

The water pump and other parts in direct contact with the drinking water are strictly made of food grade materials.

Low decibel Noise Reduction Design

The Mi Start Water Pump is equipped with a noise reduction system to minimize loud sounds during operation.

High Performance Rechargeable Battery

The Mi Smart Water Pump has a USB charging design for which a three-hour charge can pump a total of 144.9L of water. It is also equipped with a cue light function where a red light will flash to signify that battery is low.

Spout designed with 30° outward tilt

Pump water in large volumes

Small in size and easy to install

Can be held in one hand

USB Charging interface

Can be used anytime, anywhere

Overflow protection

Automatically close after 1.5 minutes of dispensing

Tap Inductive Operation

The Mi Smart Water Pump is equipped with a tap design. Tap twice to start dispensing water and tap once to stop. The water pump is designed with an intelligent computing system to prevent accidental spillage.

0.2 second response

The Mi Smart Water Pump does not store water to prevent bacterial growth. A powerful motor will pump out the water immediately for every time you dispense water.


Water Tank Size:



Double tap (open)
Single tap (close)


0.2 sec response

TDS Function: 
(total dissolved solids):


Charging up to 3 hours (Micro USB)
Last up to 144.9L (pump water)

Power Consumption: