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Viomi Stainless Steel Flask

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Viomi Stainless Steel Flask

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Ultra-microwave copper-plated tank enhances cold /heat preservation

The exterior of the ultra-microwave tank is coated with copper. With the heat-resistant mirror, heat is being reflected into the tank to avoid heat dissipation. This way, the heat/cold can be preserved longer.

Vacuum heat-insulated tank prolongs the heat preservation time

The stainless steel vessel features the characteristic of high vacuum, that prolongs the heat/cold preservation time.

Spot-spray technique on the cup ensures comfortable grip

The cup surface adapts the intelligent spot-spray technique which gives the paint a stronger grip. The integrated metal cup body gives you a comfortable hand feeling as it eliminates friction.

360 degree thick imported seal that prevents water leakage

Adapts a premium food-grade silicone loop that will not emit any harmful substances at a high temperature nor deform. The 360 degree sealing detachable cap seals the flask perfectly which prevents any water leakage.

Detachable lid makes cleaning a breeze

The lid adapts a detachable design for easy cleaning. The food-grade PP material used is safe and environmentally friendly, which is also a heat resistant.



Insulation Time:

Up to 24 hrs

Holding Temperature:

Up to – 15°C (cold)
Up to 60°C (hot)


316 stainless steel

Dimension (L x W x H):

58 x 58 x 206 mm