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Mi UV Disinfection Light

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Mi UV Disinfection Light

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Protection against bacteria, viruses and germs

The Mi UV Disinfection Lamp has an ultraviolet and ozone sterilization that works together to effectively kill bacteria and viruses in the air. It is suitable for disinfection in narrow spaces and guards your home 360°.

Cleaning in small and confined spaces in now made easier

The Mi UV Disinfection Lamp helps eliminate stubborn bacteria in wardrobes, bathrooms and other confined spaces in your home that's difficult to clean.

Small, portable and exquisite

Bring the Mi UV Disinfection with you anywhere you go to make sure that your surroundings are clean. 

3.7V Battery

Equipped with a low voltage battery power supply that's safer to use.

Equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery

Rechargeable and has a long battery life.


UVC (deep ultraviolet) & Double Ozone

Sterilization Time:
30 minutes
3 sec. delay (on)

Up to 2sqm / 360° angle protection

Target Bacteria:
Staphylococcus aureus
Escherichia Coli
Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Candida Albicans
Staphylococcus Albicans

Up to 5 times usage (30 minutes per usage)
Micro USB

Dimension (H x W):
135mm x 62mm