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Mi Walking Pad A1 Pro

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Mi Walking Pad A1 Pro

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Optional safety handrails

The Mi Walking Pad A1 Pro can be used with a folding sports armrest that can be adjusted by two pushes or pulls. The sports armrest can be folded flat for convenient storage. * Handrails need to be purchased separately

Bright and transparent LED panel, eye-catching without glare

The Mi Walking Pad A1 Pro uses an advanced cross-industry manufacturing technology wherein the LED light group and panels are integrated. Whether morning, noon, or night, the high contrast light effects creates a clear data display.

Can be stored in tight spaces

The Mi Walking Pad A1 Pro consists of only 12.9cm in thickness which can be easily stored in tight spaces.

Comfortable foot feel

The Mi Walkig Pad A1 Pro has an improved foot feel when exercising on the walking platform. It has an abrasion-resistant and non-slip walking belt for safety and ease of use. For excellent performance, the Mi Walking Pad A1 Pro is designed with an EVA soft and smooth layer with cushion for less friction and a durable high-density fiberboard.



Up to 100kg

Applicable Age:

12-60 years old

0.5km/hr. (Beginners)
up to 6km/hr (athletes)


Remote Control (CR2032 last up to 6 months)
Foot Control

App Voice Assistant:
MI Home

Motor Type:
Brushless Motor ( More Quiet )

Noise Reduction:


Dimensions (L x W x H)
1432 × 547 × 129mm (expanded)
822 × 547 × 129mm (folded)

Rated Power / Rated Voltage
100-220V  746W

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