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Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella

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Mi Automatic Folding Umbrella

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Safe Anti-rebound structure

The Mi Automatic Umbrella is equipped with a security lock device to prevent the emergence of a rebound when closing the umbrella. The usage of SPCC41 iron for the rod gives the umbrella extra strength and toughness.

Practical and Durable Umbrella Skeleton

The umbrella stands are made of high quality aluminum and fiber glass materials that are lightweight and rust resistant which makes the umbrella durable and long-lasting.

Hidden Umbrella Beads

The innovative umbrella beads hidden inside the umbrella cloth improves the safety features of the umbrella and also gives the umbrella a more sleek and elegant look

New and Upgraded Umbrella

The ribs of the umbrella is much stronger and more durable because it is made of 5182 aluminum alloy and glass fiber which gives the umbrella a wind resistant structure.


Aluminium and fiber glass
100% polyester
Teflon Coating

Open-Close Way:






Dimension(L x W x H):

1070 x 660 mm (open)
336 x 59 x 59mm (close)