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Xiaomi Electric Kettle

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Xiaomi Electric Kettle

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304 inner layer stainless steel

The liner, lid and other metal components used the GB4806 standard 304 stainless steel.

STRIX Thermostat

Precise temperature control can be ensured with the STRIX Thermostat and has 10,000 times longer life expectancy.

Splash Prevention

Pressing the open button will enable the lid to open slowly up to 30°, preventing the hot water droplets from splashing out.

Triple safety protection

As soon the water is fully boiled, the kettle will automatically turn its power off; when the water is dried out, the power also automatically shuts off. In addition to that, the power connector is designed to prevent electric shock and leakage.

LED Lights

With the indicator light, you can be aware of the state of your boiling water

Power Cord Storage

The excess length of the power cord can be wrapped around the base for a neater look.

Heat your water in only 5 minutes

With the 1800W high power poly energy heating ring, the water can be fully heated from the bottom uniformly and rapidly.



304 Stainless Steel Inner Layer

1.5 Liters

Power Consumption:


15 x 15 x 23 cm
1.5 kg