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Mi LED Smart Bulb

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Mi LED Smart Bulb

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Designed for usability

The Mi LED Smart Bulb was designed first and foremost as a practical bulb, from its shape to its carefully selected materials. Its simple cross-patern exterior gives the bulb a gentle appearance while ensuring heat is easily dissipated. The outer filter is made of a highly transparent light-diffusing material, and the plastic covered aluminum structure allows for even more heat dissipation, ensuring a longer lifespan for your bulb.

Dazzling adjustable colors, countless possibilities

RGB color lighting and a 400K bulb configuration enables the Mi LED Smart Bulb to provide the right color for any mood. Blue light helps you relax and find your focus, pink light on the other hand is perfect for a romantic night. For every occasion in between , you’ll definitely find the right color for it.

Adjustable brightness according to your preference

Light up your room with brightness as high as 800 lumens. Brightness is easily adjustable from 80 to 800 lumens to achieve your preferred brightness any time of the day.

Adjustable color temperature 

Set the color temperature anywhere between 1700 and 6500K. Lower temperatures tinge yellow, giving off a warm hue that’s perfect for relaxation. Higher temperatures give off a cool white that will surely make you feel calm and refreshed.

Sunrise mode that wakes you up peacefully

Early riser? The bulb’s sunrise mode imitates the sunrise to gently wake you up. You can also turn on the sunset mode in the evening to create a snug atmosphere before bed.

Low power consumption, longer lifespan

The Mi LED Smart Bulb only needs 10W to shine at 800 lumens and has a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours which only means that with 3 hours of use per day, the bulb can last up to 22.8 years.

App control for ease of use

The Mi LED Smart Bulb can be connected to your WiFi network with its built-in WiFi module so you can easily control it from your smartphone anytime and anywhere. Check whether you were able to turn the lights off in the office or turn it on as you’re coming home from work.

Personalize your lighting

Tell your voice assistant how you like your lighting or adjust it using the app on your smartphone until you find the lighting that works for you. Lighting styles tailored for many different occasions come in presets so that you can find the perfect ambience in just a tap . Whether you’re throwing a party or kicking back to relax, The Mi LED Smart Bulb helps you create the atmosphere you need.



Up to 11 years (8 hours usage per day)

800 lumens

16 million colors

Covered Area:
up to 30sqm

10-40 °

Mi Home
Google Home

Voice Assistant:
Google Assistant