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Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2

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Mi Motion Activated Night Light 2

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360° Rotating Stereo Light

Hassle-free adjustment and installation, This hemispherical lamp features a magnetic structure and a strong adhesive which enables you to install and move the light with ease. 

Innovative Magnetic Design

The night light is designed and connected with an innovative magnetic structure. The lamp body is firmly attached to the base, and can be removed with a little force whenever needed. The light helps you move easily with peace of mind in dark surroundings.

120° Wide Range Sensing Activated by Human Motion

Lights up in dimly-lit spaces when human motion is detected, increasing safety in your home. The light also switches off automatically in 15s when you are not in the defined vicinity.

Adjustable Dual Brightness Modes

Illuminate to your liking

Can be Pasted or Mounted in Multiple Places

Customize to your liking

Photosensitive + Human Body Dual Sensor

Perfect fit in bedroom, closet , stairway and passageways,With these little guardians around your home, you will never have to wonder where the light switch is. This is also great for the safety of both kids and elderlies during nighttime.


Sensing Angle:
120  °

Sensing Distance:
5 to 7 meters

Lights On:
Up to 15 seconds

Standby Power:
0.34 MW

Light Type:

3 x AA

Low Mode:
0.7 lumens last up to 12 months

Max Mode:
3.6 lumens up to 6 months

191 grams