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Storage Bag Vacuum

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Storage Bag Vacuum

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Still worrying about ingredients not being fresh?

The Mi Storage Bag Vacuum sucks out the air inside the bag to keep your food fresh

Easy to Use

Press the top button to quickly achieve food preservation by vacuuming out the air inside the bag

Automatic Stop Design

The vacuum inside the gear container will automatically stop suction after reaching -25KPa

Automatic and Manual Modes

After the automatic suction reaches the -25KPa, you can manually continue the suction according to your preference with a long press.

Multi-size Vacuum Bag

Three sizes of vacuum bags are included inside the pack.

  • 16 x 22cm 3pcs
  • 21 x 22cm 3pcs
  • 20 x 25cm 3pcs

Food Grade Material

The materials used has undergone FDA and DMF testing


Suction Flow:
3L / minute

Suction Power:


Noise Operation:

Less than 60dB



Charging Time:

Up to 1 hour

Operating Time:

Up to 1 hour